Many people ask why they should buy their own post-mix machine when coke will provide one for free.

But what they don’t realize is that the free machine coke is providing will cost them a lot more than they will save, for example a 15l box of post-mix from coke will cost around $240 while from Southern Syrups you pay just $85 that’s a saving of $155.

If your business is using just one 15l box of post-mix a week that's a saving of $8060 each year, so each year you are using cokes free machine you will be practically buying coke a brand new machine every year, while never owning one yourself.

Southern Syrups are now working with Silver Chef, who are an industry leader in providing finance to hospitality business, With silver chef you can pay off your own machine over a time period the suits you, own the machine and still pay much less than you would from either of the big manufacturers.

we can source a range of new and reconditioned dispensing machinery with a range of payment options.