Wunderbar Brixing Tutorial

Brixing Wunderbar a Metering Screw Bargun


  • 1. Remove the Nozzle
  • 2. Put on the syrup separator
  • 3. place the syrup separator into the brix cup and do a trial dispense ( put the syrup side into the small 5-1 side of the brixing cup )
  • 4. Remove the protective cover on the manifold (if there is one)
  • 5. Adjust the metering screws, counter clockwise will increase flow, clockwise will decrease flow (the adjustment screws are the ones abouve the shut of screws)
  • 6. Dispense drink and check the ratio in the brix cup (as per video), repeat process until you have the desired ratio (syrup and soda should be at the same level)
  • 7. Reattach the nozzle
  • 8. Reattach the shutoff screw guard



Wunderbar Brixing Tutorial

Brixing Wunderbar a Flow control Bargun

  • 1. Remove Nozzle
  • 2. Put Syrup separator onto diffuser
  • 3. Get brix cup, put syrup hole into small, water into large
  • 4. Remove the flow regulated manifold cover
  • 5. Loosen the nut on the relevant flow regulator
  • 6. Turn the screw counter clockwise to increase the flow, clockwise to decrease the flow
  • 7. Measure the brix ratio with the brix cup, Repeat step 6 and 7 until brix ratio appropriately set
  • 8. Tighten the flow regulator screw and re-attach flow regulated manifold cover




Brixing is a term used to describe the process of adjusting the syrup strengths on the dispensing mechanism on post mix machines.

This tutorial is specifically aimed at the brixing process of the Wunderbar soda gun.

Most Post mix flavors are generally set at a 5 to 1 ratio, being 5 parts soda water and 1 part Syrup. However their are some syrup providers and types that uses different syrup strengths, you should check your product for its recommended serving ratios.

This process will require

  • Brixing cup
  • Syrup separator
  • Flat head screwdriver.

Brixing ratiocup with syrup sep 1

These Parts can be purchased from

  • Lancer
  • IMI Cornelius
  • Ebay USA
  • Soda dispensing depot USA

We recommend buying from Ebay USA, as even with the currency rates and postage you will save money. Locally you can expect to pay about $ 80 - $120 for the Brixing cup and $50 - $75 for the syrup separator. While you can usually get both from the USA for about $50 Australian.

The Brixing Process

  • Remove the nozzle from the Wunderbar gun head and attach the Syrup separator. Wunderbar syrup separators are universal across all models and just push into place. Make sure that the separator is properly attached with the foam ring in place. Next pressing down the soda water button and making sure the soda only comes out of 1 of the 2 nozzles on the separator.
  • Follow the Wunderbar gun line down to the gun manifold where the syrup lines are. This will be a black box trapezoidal shape, This is usually under the bar or concealed.
  • On the manifold you will see 2 rows of adjustment screws, these can be in several different configurations depending on the model you have. The row of adjustment screw at the back of the manifold (the row near the syrup lines coming into the manifold) are shut of screws these are simple ball valves use to turn the flow on and off. The row of adjustment screws are the front of the manifold are the syrup adjustment screw.
  • On the manifold you will also see a row of letters, these letters correspond to button positions on the Wunderbar gun. Please see the picture bellow to see the factory set position for the wunderbar gun. This picture shows where each line on the manifold comes out on the gun, (please note that your actual gun may show different flavors in the positions, this does not matter you can run any flavor through the line and change the button as you like. So to set the gun please refer to the picture or manual so you know what you're setting and where)
  • To adjust the syrup strength you need to turn the syrup adjustment screws with a flat head screwdriver - clockwise to lessen the amount of syrup and anti clockwise to increase the amount of syrup.
  • To confirm that your adjusting the correct flavor hold down the button that you wish to set and turn of the shut of valve screw behind the adjustment screw, if the syrup stops coming out then you're adjusting the correct line.
  • Hold the gun to the brixing cup, with the soda side in the largest section and the syrup side in the 5-1 section. Hold the flavor button down and put at least 5 cm of drink in the cup. The aim is that the levels on the soda side and syrup side are even (or at least very close)
  • Use the adjustment screws to increase or reduce the amount to syrup being dispensed by the Wunderbar gun.Brixing ratiocup 1

Once all the flavors are done replace the gun nozzle and your done.

You can also find detailed tutorials on the wunderbar website here

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