Premium Post Mix Syrup Range

Southern Syrups has a range of the most popular and highest quality Post Mix syrups. Soft drink is a staple with all hospitality events and has the opportunity to make high turnover from straight soft drinks (served with ice) to mixed drinks (spirits and soft drink).  In addition, it’s also known that soft drink is a product that is highly marketed to all social groups from children to adults.

It’s a common statement known to all members of hospitality. High profit margins are usually made with large sales of drinks. High profits on Soft Drink sales are easily achievable with Southern Syrups as we supply to your outlet high quality post mix syrups at competitive rates.

Who wouldn’t want to save money and still offer a fantastic product to their customers?

All our post mix flavours are packaged in 15L bag-in-box package, except for the Diet Cola which comes in a 10L bag in box package. Each 15L bag-in-box package produces 90 litres of ready soft drink or 360 glasses.