Texmix 25 – Easy install kit Setup.   Parts list Temix 25 unit CO2 Regulator Water Filter assembly Syrup Pump Board Extra 6mm line/hose Extra 10mm hose/line Selection of clamps Selection of stainless steel barbs Pincers Tool for closing clamps Shears for cutting pipe.   Pre-setup   If coke/Pepsi remove their system before we installed

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Why Cheap Does NOT Mean Nasty

Post mix quality and Value, Price is important and the internet is flooded with Syrup Provider, Most Suppliers provide a very high-quality product with many going the extra step to provide service and support to their customers when they need it. I firmly believe that price matters to everyone.  BUT emphasis on pricing is just

How to set the syrup to soda ratio in wunderbar bar gun The term used for the process to set the syrup to soda ratio in wunderbar bar gun is Brixing   Brixing Wunderbar a Metering Screw Bargun   1. Remove the Nozzle 2. Put on the syrup separator 3. place the syrup separator into

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Procon pump use in post mix machines

Procon pump use in post mix machines – tutorial and brief description What is a Procon pump Procon pumps are a rotary vane pump suitable for a variety of applications. Applications  including Carbonated water for soft drink dispensers, Espresso coffee machines, Beer cooling systems, cooling for TIG Welders, Reverse Osmosis systems and their are a

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How to change a broken or defective Post Mix Wunderbar gun (1) Shut down the Machine Its always best to turn the machine off and de-pressurize it before working on the wunderbar guns, to do this you turn the machine off at the power point, turn the water off and turn the gas bottle off.

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Post Mix Overview

Post Mix overview Postmix refers to the system in which a syrup concentrate of the soft drink is shipped to the retailer, usually in a disposable bag-in-box container. At the point of sale, the soft drink is made by mixing  water or soda water with a post mix syrup. Chilled and purified water sometimes mixed