Post mix Pricing and Quality

Why Cheap Does NOT Mean Nasty

Posted on June 26, 2017

Price is important and the internet is flooded with Syrup Provider, Most Suppliers provide a very high-quality product with many going the extra step to provide service and support to their customers when they need it.

I firmly believe that price matters to everyone.  BUT emphasis on pricing is just the first step a good syrup company takes before backing it up with great service and support

When choosing a Syrup company, you need to choose the right syrup provider for you. Price, service, and reliability are all factors but the biggest thing to consider is Taste. Do you like the product? Do your customers like the product? All independent manufacturers use their own recipe and all taste different. You need to find a product and supplier that works for you. 

Does your supplier advertise their price? No.

There’s only one reason for that, they're charging you more than someone else.

Do you have irregular ordering or set delivery timetables?

  • We have no minimum quantity or set delivery days. FREE delivery Australia wide, local deliveries are dispatched next day with delivery’s outside our local delivery area dispatched via express courier twice daily. Some areas are supplied by our local distributors.

Need a service agreement or just need your Equipment fixed Fast?

  • We can arrange service and maintenance call's Australia wide.

Contact us the way that’s best for you, Phone, Email, Website, Text. Do business your way to receive service, pay for goods or provide referral details?

  • A simple Phone call, Email, Text. It is that easy. Let us help you

We are one of the cheapest options in the market, we achieve this by creating a large and happy customer base rather than make a lot from a few. We also provide our clients outstanding service and support, while providing a high-quality product that tastes great.

While some company offers other services such as beer, slushies, ice, coffee, etcetera. WE specialize, Post mix is what we do.

Our Guarantee to you

  • Dispatch of goods from the factory or depot within 24 hours
  • Money back if you are not 100% satisfied with product or service*
  • Quality product, manufactured to exacting standards in a regulated facility
  • Professional service and support
  • To deliver maximum profit with each serving