15L Orange Juice post mix


Our 35% orange Juice post mix syrup is a popular beverage made from the extraction (squeezing) of liquid from fresh oranges



Our 35% orange Juice post mix syrup is a popular beverage made from the extraction (squeezing) of liquid from fresh oranges

We use only high quality ingredients and have spent many hour to get our product to be the highest Quality to remaining extremely cost effective.

Be aware, some competitors are advertising their pre GST prices or have minimum requirements for free delivery. If you have a better offer from someone else, come to us as we will usually match or beat it.


The syrup works well with soda dispensers. It is a 5 to 1 concentrate, and will make 90 Litres of product, or 360 (250ml) finished drinks.


·  Fresh soda on demand

·  Stop having to carry home cans and bottles

·  Only dispense the amount you want to drink, no waste

·  Save money

·  5 to 1 concentrate

This product has been discounted for our customers that purchase online or are within our delivery areas and pay cash on delivery.

Full GST invoice in provided with every sale.

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  • Phone – 0402873041

This product uses a Scholle attachment that is the standard used by generic post mix company’s in Australia, It is designed to be used on machines that have the Scholle fittings.

If you have a machine that uses either Coke or Schweppes/Pepsi fitting please let us know as we have a range of adapters and fitting in our parts section to allow our boxes to be used on any machine.

We Provide up 6 adapters free ( 1 per flavor ordered ) if you require an adaptor for this product please let us know in the notes section at check out, please mention what fittings you need either Coke or Schweppes/Pepsi and we will dispatch the with the order.

These adapters can be seen in the parts and accessory section by following the link below, where you will also find video tutorial on how they work.

Plz note that their is no adapter from Schweppes fittings, in this case we will need to be provide a replacement fitting

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