The Brave 90 - From Celli SPA

This Machine is the latest Model from Italy, It is sized to run a large venue, hotel or large Club and Movie cinemas with several outlets and multiple Guns or venues with extremely long python runs.

The brave 90 comes with does not have a cold water recirculation pump but it can be added to the system externally if needed.

This system includes:

  • Brave 90 Chiller
  • flowjet syrup Pumps and fittings
  • Bottle Mounted Regulator
  • 2 New Wunderbar 6 Button guns and holders
  • Water filter and Pressure Regulator Gauges

This System does not include

  • Python (can be ordered and configured separately to order)
  • All Fittings (clamps and splicers can be ordered, type and amount depend on machine configuration)
  • Delivery (we have many delivery options to suit your needs and budget)
  • Installation ( We can arrange for a professional install team to take care of you)

Energy Saving – Post Mix Cooler Range

Introducing the new ‘Brave’ range of under-counter post mix machines by Celli. Implementing smart design and materials, Sincert Lab’s (ACCREDIA) has independently verified the Brave range.

Lower CO2 emissions and can reduce electricity costs by up to 36.2% over past models.

The Celli range has been awarded Environmental Certification in compliance with ISO 14021

Energy Efficiency

  • Increased tank insulation to reduce heat loss
  • Tank insulation made from HFC free CO2 polyurethane foam
  • Advanced Energy Saving Controller
  • Energy Saving Fan, Agitator and Soda Recirculation Pump


  • Heavy Duty 430 Stainless Steel Casing
  • Rapid Drain Function – Faster Servicing
  • Soda Recirculation Pump
  • Controller Protection – Internal Housing