Stainless steel Single Bargun Drop In Unit

The Stainless steel Single Bargun Drop In is designed as an alternative to the traditional refrigerated ice bank chiller, where it uses ice as the cooling medium on a beverage cold plate.

Fitting into the bar space normally used for an ice well it provides cold drinks almost instantly from the time you add ice to the bin. With almost no running cost it's energy efficient and virtually maintenance free making it a great solution for remote sites and for catering.

This system comes with

  • Dropin 15*22  Drop in full stainless steel ice well
  • 1 * MK4 Wunderbar bar gun Black 36 inch
  • 6 Rack Flowjet pump board
  • twin bottle mounted gas Reg 
  • Mc Cann Carbonator
  • Dual water filter kit
  • Bib Tubing

Product Features

  • Unique configuration
  • Uses standard bargun – no specialty part like steel manifolds that need specialty parts
  • Simplifies installations
  • Pre-chill coil for cold carbonation
  • Long coil for high volume syrup
  • 6 flavours plus soda & water
  • Optional Soda circulation pump for remote bargun connection.

Product Options

  • Single or dual bargun
  • Suitable up to 8 button bargun
  • Insulated  Carbonator
  • Wall Mounted Co2 Gas regulator
  • Ambient carbination is available