The TE-MIX 25 - From Celli SPA with easy Diy install kit

Post mix dispenser is a smaller unit designed to run 1-2 gun, for a small restaurant or bar

it is capable of dispensing 1L/20 sec’s but has no soda recirculation, this means the unit must be located close to the guns,

However an external Soda recirculation motor and pump can be added for an additional $350 this will allow the machine to work with a python run of up to 25 meters.

This is a complete system It includes

* TE-MIX 25 Soda generation unit

* 2 * 6 Button factory reconditioned W

  • flowjet syrup Pumps and fittings
  • Bottle Mounted Regulator
  • 2 New Wunderbar 6 Button guns and holders
  • Water filter and Pressure Regulator Gauges
  • Up to 25m of Python line
  •  Southern Syrups Easy Install kit

On top of this, we give you 12 Boxes of our premium quality product to start you off. This bonus will pay for your machine. Each of our 15L boxes will make 360 glass of drink so at $3 a glass sale price that is, 12 Boxes * 360 Glasses * $3 for a total return of $12,960.00 that’s well above and beyond what you paid for the System.

This System does not include

  • Delivery (we have many delivery options to suit your needs and budget)
  • Installation ( We can arrange for a professional install team to take care of you)

Te-Mix 25 With Soda re-circulation and DIY KIT

While the TE-MIX comes in many sizes we generally only carry the 25 Model the reason for this is that the smaller 15 unit is not much cheaper but has a great loss in capacity, where as if you need a more powerful machine the brave series is a more solid option.