The TE-MIX 25 - From Celli SPA

Post mix dispenser is a smaller unit designed to run 1-2 gun, for a small restaurant or bar

it is capable of dispensing 1L/20 sec’s but has no soda recirculation, this means the unit must be located close to the guns,

However an external Soda recirculation motor and pump can be added for an additional $350 this will allow the machine to work with a python run of upto 25 meters.

This is a compleat system It includes

* TE-MIX 25 Soda generation unit

* 2 * 6 Button factory reconditioned W

  • flowjet syrup Pumps and fittings
  • Bottle Mounted Regulator
  • 2 New Wunderbar 6 Button guns and holders
  • Water filter and Pressure Regulator Gauges

This System does not include

  • Python (can be ordered and configured separately to order)
  • All Fittings (clamps and splicers can be ordered, type and amount depend on machine configuration)
  • Delivery (we have many delivery options to suit your needs and budget)
  • Installation ( We can arrange for a professional install team to take care of you)

While the TE-MIX comes in many sizes we generally only carry the 25 Model the reason for this is that the smaller 15 unit is not much cheaper but has a great loss in capacity, where as if you need a more powerful machine the brave series is a more solid option.