Southern Syrups Referral Program

At Southern Syrups we value our loyal customers and understand that word of mouth is one of the most effective types of marketing. Many of our new customers come to us from customer referrals, so to say thanks for passing the good word about our products we are launching our customer referral program.

Simply enter the affiliate area under the My Account drop down menu at the top of any page, here you will find your affiliate id and an affiliate URL. Simply email the affiliate URL to anyone and when that person follows the link to our site and joins up our system will automatically recognize them as being refereed by you.

For doing this the new customer will receive a $25 in store gift card applicable for their first syrup order.

You as the referrer will get $5 in store credit per box for every box of syrup purchased by that customer for the first year.

Referral payments are made monthly but accrue each time an order is placed, you can track all your referrals from your affiliate area under the statistics and referral tab, you can see how much your referrals are ordering and how much you have earned.

Terms and conditions

Southern Syrups fair play policy applies.

This offer is only available to genuine customers who have referred legitimate new customer who register with a unique business name and business address.

This offer does not extend to People referring themselves, their own alternate accounts and family or friends that are purchasing for the same business as the referrer, even if a different delivery address is used.

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